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Get rewarded for shopping local.

Shop local, earn rewards: Paira incentivizes & rewards local shopping and increases foot traffic for local businesses with fun geo-location based challenges. Sign Up as a Business or User!

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Get Rewarded for Shopping Local with Paira. Businesses increase your foot-traffic by creating Local Challenges on Paira.

  • Become the top local shopper in your city!

  • Find Local Challenges based on Your Interests

  • Complete the Challanges, Earn Local Deals & Rank Up!


Jessir Brown

Business Owner

“Not having to pay for cost per click or cost per impression like normal digital marketing is AMAZING.”

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Shop Small. Earn Big. Paira.

What's the problem?

How Paira is solving it.

Many small businesses struggle to compete in the over-saturated world of digital marketing, where platforms like Instagram and Yelp are pay-to-play and advertising costs are based on impressions and clicks. Unfortunately, there is no concrete proof that these views and clicks turn into actual sales, leaving small business owners uncertain about the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Paira provides an innovative solution to the challenges faced by local businesses in the over-saturated world of digital marketing. By leveraging fun and rewarding geo-location-based challenges, Paira make "ads" more than "ads" which increases engagement and foot traffic to local businesses while providing businesses with real-time data on the number of visits and sales generated by their marketing campaigns through the app.

About Us

Paira's mission is to connect consumers with local small businessesvin a innovative and organic way, helping these businesses grow and thrive in their communities, and ultimately strengthening the local economy. We believe that by supporting small businesses, we can create a more vibrant and sustainable future for all.

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