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Tracking Your Digital Footprint: A Day in the Life of Media Consumption and Privacy

In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at how our daily media consumption habits can impact our privacy and security. By keeping a log of our media activity throughout the day, we can start to see patterns and themes in the way we use media, and the type of content we interact with. At the end of the post, we will reflect on this activity as a whole, and consider whether or not we are reconsidering how we interact with media and how our information or content is being used. As we become more aware of the ways in which our data can be collected, analyzed, and used, it's important to think critically about our own media consumption habits and make informed decisions.

8 a.m.: Check my email on my computer at work. I realize that some of the emails are from companies that I've never even heard of, but they know my name and email address. I must have unknowingly given it to them when I signed up for a free trial or entered a contest. This makes me wonder how much of my personal information is out there and how it is being used.

12 p.m.: Take a break and scroll through Facebook on my phone. I see that one of my friends has posted a link to a petition to save a local park. I click on the link and sign the petition, but then realize that my action could be used to target me with political ads and content in the future.

6 p.m.: Watch a movie on Netflix. As the credits roll, I see that Netflix suggests other movies based on my viewing history. I'm not sure if the suggestions are accurate or if they are just trying to keep me on the platform longer. I wonder how much Netflix knows about my preferences and habits, and if they are sharing that information with other companies.

9 p.m.: Browse the internet on my computer before going to bed. I see that a website is trying to sell me shoes that I was just looking at on another website earlier. I realize that my browsing history is being tracked and used to target me with ads. This makes me think about how much control I have over my own personal information in the digital age.


I have realized that there are certainly themes in the way I use media throughout the day. I've realized that I often use my phone to check social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, in the morning. I've also realized that I often engage with content related to food, local events, and my friends and co-workers.

In regards to privacy and security, I've realized that I am not always aware of how my information is being used or shared. For example, I know that I've updated my security settings in Twitter previously, but I hadn't thought about Instagram and how they share information with Meta.

After reflecting on my activity, I am reconsidering how I interact with media and how my information or content is being used. I am now aware that my engagement with certain types of content can affect the way that I am targeted with ads or information. I am also aware that my information may be shared or used without my knowledge. I am going to start taking more steps to protect my privacy and security online, such as reading privacy policies more closely, being more mindful of the types of content that I engage with, and regularly reviewing and updating my security settings. Overall, this experience has made me more aware of the potential dangers of not being vigilant about privacy and security online, and I will make sure to be more mindful of these issues moving forward.

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